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Is the War for Talent real?

Whether strategy or delivery focused, Big 4 or boutique, every consultancy’s biggest asset is their people. How you go about attracting, hiring, and retaining your talent plays a large part in being able to differentiate your firm from your competitors. There has always been competition for top talent in the consulting world, but have we entered a new phase of the War for Talent?

Recently I was asked to join a podcast with Source Global Research on the topic of “How to win the war for talent?” – it was a really fun and interesting conversation where we covered a range of topics, and we wanted to expand on a few of those over a series of weekly blogs.

Throughout these blogs we’ll be covering topics such as:

  • The changing attitudes towards consulting as a career, and towards the concept of a career in general.
  • We’ll look at the competition that consulting is facing from other industries in the war for talent.
  • We’ll explore what we’ve seen consultancies doing in their efforts to win the war for talent
  • We’ll also give some thoughts on what we think they could/should be doing in their efforts to attract, hire, and retain the best talent.

At a time of increased competition in the consulting market, ensuring that you’re attracting the best consultants, engaging them and getting the most from them while they’re with you is vital in differentiating yourself from your competitors. With our years of experience working with consultancies, both as a Consultant and recruiting into them, we hope you’ll find these blogs useful.

As we launch this series of blogs, we welcome any contribution that you might have. Whether it’s a message on how your business is trying to win the War for Talent, or insight into what would encourage you to move to another firm, any contribution is encouraged.

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